Where the fuck did this come from?

I stumbled across the Iron Hymen page by accident and was quite taken with it… so simple, straightforward…pretty effective, I think.  There’s a brother page, too, called Sex is for Fags.

I’m absurdly entertained by it. Then I clicked on the little White House link on that page, and came up with this page about the only Bush I don’t wanna stick my hand in… it even has t-shirts from Guantanamo!

Someone has a lot of time on their hands, and I’m glad they do!  Priceless!

3 Responses to “I HAVE AN IRON HYMEN”

  1. Lexa Lusty Says:

    Unbelievable. I would type in stutter if it would accurately convey how stunned I am. Abstinence is one thing but teaching young girls to abhor their own sexuality is going too far, IMHO.

  2. Mr. Nasty Says:

    sex is for fags, and I should know.

  3. Pandora Sylph Says:

    Reminds me of my days in Catholic school doing sex ed…

    And for sex with fags! Oh wait…. that’s not quite what they meant…

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