Dallas Eagle Raided


Okay, so we all know about the Stonewall raid on the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago.  Weirdness and unfairness all around, and there’s lots of rallies and protests going on all over the country in response to it (tomorrow is the Tarrant County Courthouse protest.)

Unfortunately, it seems the discrimination doesn’t stop there. Last night, just before midnight, police and TABC raided the Dallas Eagle, shutting it down and confiscating liquor.  Precious and adored readers, please note that this is my home bar, and a place that I am very proud of and grateful for.  The owners and patrons are friends, and it is devastating to me that such amazing and loving people would be targeted for this kind of harrassment.

And if you don’t think it’s harassment, consider these points:

  • The TABC officer was wearing a bandanna over his face.  I guess he was afraid he’d catch Gay.
  • They took tons of pictures, and attempted to intimidate patrons by photographing them in a gay bar.
  • The bar actually opened Wednesday night (Mr Nasty and I went), so they could have been shut down Wednesday or Thursday if there was actually a problem. Why wait till midnight on a Friday night?  Humiliation factor?

No word yet on arrests, or when things will calm down.  We’ll keep you posted.

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