Update on Dallas Eagle raid

Okay, so I might have gotten a little swept up with Stonewall Fever.  I’m still pretty skeptical of the timing of the police/TABC “inspection” of the new bar (see earlier post for details), but the witnesses I’ve heard from say that the police and TABC agents were well-mannered and respectful, and were only doing their job.

Now, I don’t know what’s what with all this, and I’m not gonna act like I do.  My friend Mark Frazier has an interesting perspective on the whole thing, and since he owned the Eagle for many years, I’m inclined to trust him.  Here’s what he had to say:

The Dallas Eagle did not follows written statutes governing the “moving” of liquor permits from one licensed location to another.  You must file your paperwork at least 3 weeks in advance be issued a temporary permit before moving.

Once the paperwork is filed with the Dallas office of the TABC, the Dallas Office will send the file to Austin who will in turn issue a temporary permit until the new one is issued.  The Dallas Eagle hired an expediter to handle this and the ball was dropped.  It was not done in the timely fashion and Austin had not received the file to issue a temporary permit.

I know this seems like a vendetta against the “Gay” Bars in Dallas but it isn’t – at least in this case.  As somebody who has been in the bar business for 13 out of the last 14 years and somebody who owned the Eagle until recently, I can state that the TABC is very fair in their enforcement of policies.  Even when the Eagle was raided and busted for illicit acts a few years back, they and the [members of the] Dallas Vice were very professional.”

So, let’s keep some perspective on the whole thing and try to remember that fair’s fair, even when it happens right after something that’s incredibly unfair.

I am working on getting more information about the issues at the Eagle, along with information about when they will reopen.

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