Sea lion dies of sex exhaustion

sea lion dies of sex exhaustion

Poor Mike (yes, that’s his name… I know, the irony!)   The article refers to him as having a “harem.”  Now, when I get my own harem, I can just say it’s evolutionary.

Sea lion dies of sex exhaustion: News24: SciTech: News.

2 Responses to “Sea lion dies of sex exhaustion”

  1. Don’t give him too much credit. Female sea lions are basically organized into harems, so it’s just the standard perk of being a genetically gifted male sea lion. Some more gifted than others, apparently.

    It sounds good, but don’t envy them. Harems are way high maintenance 😉

  2. kittykim Says:

    Myke must be getting a could chuckle out of this poor mike!

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