Police Report from the Rainbow Lounge Raid

So the shitheads from the TABC are in loads of trouble!   Representative Lon Bernam (D) said, “There were so many violations that one could readily assert that they had no business walking through the door.”

Some of the things they’re in trouble for:
Not having approval for the operation from Ft Worth Police
Disrupting business
Not wearing uniforms
Failure to follow procedures
Not reporting an injury

I find it really interesting that they’re in trouble for not reporting the injury, when the police report from that night clearly states that they did.  Methinks someone lied on the report?  I also count four separate statements of bar patrons rubbing themselves on officers or making “sexually suggestive” motions towards them.  That sounds really strange to me – like a bad stereotype, or something.  The report also says he hit his head in the parking lot while he was puking while handcuffed.  More lies? What do you think?

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