Dear Butch, you must wear a dress!!


“Everyone at Wesson Attendance Center knows 17-year-old Ceara Sturgis is gay because she’s never tried to hide it.
But when Sturgis – an honor student, trumpet player and goalie on the school’s soccer team – wanted her senior photograph in a tuxedo used in the 2009-10 yearbook, school officials balked.”  Full Story

One Response to “Dear Butch, you must wear a dress!!”

  1. Got ink’d by Tim at both Miller Cotton, Springfield, MO and Riggs’ Monster Tattoo in Branson, MO. By far the best artist I’ve had ttatoo me. Was very disappointed when I learned he had left the area. If for any reason I ever end up in your area I will definately go out of my way to get a ttatoo

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