Boy suspended from school for long hair

4 year old Taylor Pugh from Balch Springs, Texas recieved four weeks of in-school suspension after refusing to cut his hair to align with school district standards that a boy’s hair “cannot extend below the bottom of earlobes or over the collar of a dress shirt.” With the support of his parents, Taylor continues to grow out his hair, which he plans to eventually donate to charity. Read more

So because he has long hair, he has to be isolated from the other students. Seems like this school district is more interested in preserving dress codes and gender norms than providing constructive education.

One Response to “Boy suspended from school for long hair”

  1. The dad is a hypocrite. He says the school is more concerned bout his hair that his education. BUt so is the dad, otherwise he’d respect the rules of the institution and cut the hair. He cares more about his son’s hair than keeping him in school. It’s not about the hair, it’s about following rules, whether you think they are dumb or not, not defying them. Does a 4 year old REALLY care what his hair looks like?? Teach your child to accept and respect authority, not fight it every time it doesn’t fit your agenda. It’s a moral issue, he’s 4. So every place is supposed to bend the rules for everyone everytime someone doesn’t agree with it? what does that teach children??

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