Naked Coffee Morning Update

Bad news for people who like to spend their mornings at home making coffee while naked, especially if you live in Virginia.

Eric Williamson has now been convicted of indecent exposure, all because he was seen naked through a window by a woman who passed by his house.

He was not fined and faces no immediate jail time. But come on, if this is what passes for indecent exposure, we’re all criminals. Read more

HT: Jonathan Turley

2 Responses to “Naked Coffee Morning Update”

  1. When I first caught wind of this story I told my family how outraged I was that the obviously half-whit authorities in virgina would even waste the taxpayers money on this sort of tripe. I knew it would be tossed out and that would be the end of it. Now that I hear this ACTUALLY went to trial and the man was CONVICTED of being naked in his OWN HOME I am extremely OUTRAGED and am so glad I do not live in a backwoods redneck half-whit state like virginia. This so called “judge” and “prosecutor” don’t have enough brains between them to blow a bubble. They need to be relieved of the jobs taxpayers waste hard earned money on and maybe get jobs as paper boys or at the local laundry mat. Is this still America that I live in???. I am now forced to really wonder why I served this Country for 20 years in the Marines Force Recon to defend the rights os morons like these clowns who call themselves attorneys and judges. This really sickens and saddens me terribly.

  2. Right there with you Paul. I committed indecent exposure again last night… I just can’t stop myself

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