Forced sterilization instead of birth control – that’ll teach her!

Tessa Savicki wanted to take control of her reproductive life. On December 19th, 2006, Savicki instructed doctors to insert an IUD after she delivered her ninth child. Instead, the doctors elected to forcibly sterilize her on the operating table. Read the whole story here.

4 Responses to “Forced sterilization instead of birth control – that’ll teach her!”

  1. You seem to assume she’s telling the truth. She well may be, but she also could be making this up. We won’t know until the case is investigated – and even then the truth may not come out.

  2. girlonpiano Says:

    ummm… did you read the article? While I agree that there are probably details that we don’t know, if they didn’t get consent, they didn’t have the right.

  3. Yes, I have read most of the news on this story. There is still some dispute about whether a consent form was ever signed. Perhaps it was not, but there is also the possibility it went missing. It’s just too early in the investigation to know what happened.

    Certainly if there was no consent, there was no legal right. The laws are fairly straight forward.

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