You Go… Guyfriend?

Equal opportunity in all professions may have just taken a big step forward in the last couple days when the “oldest” profession welcomed in a long suffering minority to its ranks.


And here he is!

Nevada's First, Legal, Male Prostitute (he prefers "gigolo", please)

He’s been profiled in Details and this story comes to us by way of The Huffington Post, the link for which is right here.

What they don’t mention here is that, until recently, despite prostitution being legal in Nevada (Las Vegas remains a bizarre exception. Just quit it, LV. That family friendly campaign went over like a lead enema bag.), the law was written in such a way that, probably unintentionally, forbade men from participating, because it made specific reference to organs men don’t generally have.

I doubt I’ll be the first to welcome him into the ranks, but with the Desiree Alliance conference coming up and lots of workin’ gals there, myself included, to talk about rights, activism, and other things, I’d still like to extend a warm handj… shake, handshake, to the new feller. He might want to stop comparing himself to Rosa Parks though. There are anilingus fetishists with better taste than that notion.

Now let’s get started on ensuring people of all genders, who DON’T want to work in a desert brothel, have the sexual freedom to decide for themselves who they’ll be intimate with, when, and if they’re willing to give it up for dinner or 300 an hour.

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