Happy Birthday!

To the Roe vs. Wade decision of course! Over at the ACLU you’ll find their reminder that just this last friday was the 37th anniversary of the greatest change in favor of reproductive freedom we in the U.S. has ever known.

Never take it for granted though. Even in the most “progressive” of administrations, things like the Stupak Amendment  get through. Seems a lot of things like that are just “getting through” these days. Should it pass, even private citizens purchasing private insurance may not have the right to buy policies that cover their right to choose.

But I digress. Rights are never guaranteed and need your support. Don’t forget the ACLU and others are on the front lines of the fights that need fightin’

Oh and a special thanks to Greg Horn for being a total badass and painting that She-Hulk, among other great images of strong women ❤

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