A Half Million Bakers Fuck With One Oven

I have to wonder if our increasingly Huxley-like dystopian future practically guarantees that we’re eventually going to fossilize any remains of real “choice” out there so that the only things that remain are a sort of freeze dried, Folger’s crystals version of freedom.

I apologize for that sentence. Stuff like this can provoke me.

Jezebel.com (a site all peoples should be addicted to) reports the formation of a new reality show. You know, like this one:

Now what’s bizarre is that this is a reality show… where actors play written roles. That’s strange enough.

But here’s what’s perverse, and, if you will, imagine with me ol’ Regis shouting out, “Who Wants to Decide if This Woman Gets an Abortion!?!?!”

I won’t ramble on, because I want you to follow the link and read about it in detail. You’ll find pilots for the show there and everything.

So here’s a summary. In the show, called “Bump”, real women put up, for a vast internet audience, their stories and their pregnancies… for America to vote on the outcome. Deciding if the fetus is kept, given up for adoption after carrying to term, or aborted. After watching actors play the women. Room for commercials.

By my reckoning, this here is the 6th sign of the apocalypse.

One Response to “A Half Million Bakers Fuck With One Oven”

  1. crazy shit… reminds me of when I found out Cheaters is fake

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