Exactly what is “Aggravated Homosexuality”?

It’s not just a pissed off queer. Atleast, not in Uganda:

I ❤ Rob. Read his blog.

Read more about what American Evangelicals have to do with this here

3 Responses to “Exactly what is “Aggravated Homosexuality”?”

  1. First of all, despite the BS inequality-issues here in the States, things like this still make me feel incredibly lucky to be a queer here in the US. Also, this law is just so horrible. My heart and energy go out to Ugandans affected by this. I’m trying to come at this from an anti-imperialist stance, so I hope to find out from Ugandans opposing it what the best thing allies here can do to help (have you heard anything?)
    That said, one of the especially horrific parts of this for me is American conservatives’ willingness to stand by gross human rights violations just because their fears of “teh gays”. I don’t think Jesus would implicitly support murder. But I’m just an abomination in God’s eyes, what do I know?

  2. paigetsindfw Says:

    It’ll get me in trouble and I’m not at all proud of it, but I decided last year for the first time that, you know, I wanna live. And I’ve long been a politics junky. I’m no one’s martyr. My bags are metaphorically packed and waiting by the door for whatever turns out to be the “seventh sign” that lets me know, okee, the REAL nuts are at the helm now, not just the hypocrites who appeal to their “base”. I mean the bona fide lunatics just itchin’ to purge us. ‘Til then, I’ll keep teaching and volunteering and trying to keep my corner of the world compassionate, but I will be LONG gone before we get American “Basij” wandering around looking for deviants.

  3. ILRyPq That’s the best answer of all time! JMHO

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