Smoking = Sucking

Or so says this new French anti-smoking campaign from the Association for Nonsmokers’ Rights- the tagline reads “Smoking means being a slave to tobacco”

The hand on the back of the head is a really nice touch, you have to admit. But I think this campaign might backfire spectacularly, what with how common submission fantasies are, especially among the orally fixiated.

Speaking of oral, this isn’t the first time smoking and blowjobs have collided

But it leaves me wondering, if this group is about the rights of nonsmokers, why would they care what goes on between consenting adult smokers and horny corporations?

HT: Huffpo

2 Responses to “Smoking = Sucking”

  1. paigetsindfw Says:

    I’ve seen these pics multiple times and even brought them into my classes and I STILL cannot fucking get over how CREEPILY similar those kids look. It’s Village of the Damned shit up in here. Or Village du Perdu or whatever the hell those barely civilized Gauls would say. Gorram French and their health care and cuisine and … wait.

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