A short one for once. Can you believe it?

I have deep reservations and criticisms about this work and would love to corner the author sometime for a long talk and caffeine fueled debate over 21st century sex work, but I’ll spare both you and her.

Available now at Amazon and pretty much anywhere books aren't being burned

The writer, a Sarah Lawrence grad and teacher up at SUNY Purchase, spent four years as a professional dominatrix while working on her undergraduate degree. This book tells the story. I may not dig everything here and cringe a little during her interviews (through no fault of the writer’s own, I should add), but I am 100% percent behind people in stigmatized work, especially sex work, getting their stories out there. I applaud her and hope that’ll be echoed by stampedes of folk going to buy her book. Find out all about Melissa Febos here. Buy the book here.

3 Responses to “Whipsmart”

  1. I ❤ your photo caption

  2. paigetsindfw Says:

    I love yer sweet, juicy ass… in theory, of course

  3. BION I’m iprmessed! Cool post!

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