Fantasy with a Twist of Perv

I realized just moments ago that I had not had a big, honest, throaty (and tar soaked) laugh in a long, long time. I blame Chantix largely and have decided to keep poisoning myself with the devil I know, tobaccy, instead of the devil I don’t know, but decided to take me out for drinks and do things to me back at its apartment that would make R. Kelly blush and not respect me in the morning.

So imagine my joy on hearing the forgotten noise of my own depraved braying once more, provoked by an old favorite of mine,

Every time I see this lusty, two dimensional, indeterminable race dominatrix, things happen to parts of me I'm gonna one day pay good money to mutilate. Take note, Cameron. This guy was doing blue bitches first. Oh, and your ex wife is totally a better director. Weenus.

The Warning above says it all. Push right past it into a fantasy world we could REALLY get behind with a truckload of lube. You’ll fall in love with the sorceress and hapless apprentice, the queer barbarians, and adventurers of all stripes getting caught with their pants down.

And no, you didn’t need that other lung any more than I did.

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