Get Sarkozy With Me


It begins!!!

Get some, sister!

Ok, this is potentially very premature. However, I still have cause to be excited. When Nicolas Sarkozy rode into power, one of the things he ground a personal ax against was sex work. The guy even made it a jail worthy offense to commit “passive solicitation”. What does that mean? That women could serve time without having even approached a John, based purely on “looking like a whore”. In France. Let me repeat that… France. Looking like a whore, in France.


But now, I’m just about ready to whistle La Marseillaise as a French MP, Chantal Brunel, has called for the return of legalized brothels to the land of liberte, fraternite, and good old egalite. Not surprisingly perhaps, the men support it by a wide margin, but women at least are only about 13 percent against. And, see, Chantal GETS it, man. She knows repressive policies have only made sex worked more at risk of victimization by pimps and johns and made the market almost entirely the province of sex slave, human traffickers.

Make no mistake here, ya’ll, that problem is real. What we need to get people to understand and, it seems, may actually be getting some traction now is the idea that those who CHOOSE sex work can be allies in the fight, not enemies. I mean, fuck, if you don’t believe our altruistic love for all our sisters, then at LEAST think about how it’s in our selfish interest not to have to fight for market share with those who are forced to give it up for pennies on the dollar. I can accept that it’ll take a long time for people to believe, you know, that we’re human beings and that we also care about reducing suffering and privation around the world.

But this is a damn fine start!

What many may not know is that this proposal would only be restoring something to France that it had for a significant period of time already. And, like then, there will need to be a fierce watch kept to ensure the brothels do not become abusive or attract dangerous criminal behavior. I’m not saying, hey, let’s just open it all up without any respect for what the rest of society thinks. I don’t want to open up a fleshpit across from a school or see this whole thing turn into just another way for sex workers to get taken advantage of by pimps who’ll be able to make a too liberal law work in their favor against our rights.

This is just an example of what I’ve long been trying to say. A REAL common sense approach to politics isn’t governed by stigma or fear, but rather by hope, a mutual desire for the common good, and respect of diverse interests in the pursuit of a million different visions of freedom.

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