Get Moving

Movement feels good. This is what I try to remind myself of all the time when my lazy habits try to convince me that exercise isn’t worth the effort. Or to take the elevator up that one floor to my classes instead of the stairs. Or to coo sexily at someone so they’ll get me that white russian over there.

Fine, so that last one is a different kind of exercise, worthy in its own right. But the point here is, movement may seem difficult or trying, but it’s also often rewarding in its own right. Process over product.

And how’s this for a movement? Not in Our Town is about using sophisticated social media to link up people who, you know, give a damn about their communities and reinforcing their identity as loving, accepting people, by targeting the sites of hate crimes and the demonstrations of hate groups, exposing them, and countering with nonviolent demonstrations of pretty much what they’ve always been doing: loving each other.

I just wanna make them all cupcakes or something. Even my flying monkeys can smell the "nurture" pheromones I must now reek of just seeing this.

No, this doesn’t mean public orgies. Perhaps that comes later. But don’t be disappointed; singing songs, holding hands, laughing and just “being there” is intimidating enough for hate groups. Earlier, we covered an example of non-violent responses to the Westboro Baptist Church’s hate, and it looks like this kind of thing is shaping into an actual, coherent, resistance movement.

Don’t believe this kind of thing is frightening to hate mongers? Think about every time someone says “that’s gay” or similar things. In my experience, it’s almost always directed at someone trying to connect to someone else on an authentic level, at something designed to foster personal growth or learning. They say it about homework assignments, attack some kind of fictional “thought police” of “political correctness” because civility is just too much a burden for them, they say it about men who admit to having a feeling once in a while that isn’t just rage, they say it to each other with that curious look in their eye, both shaming and also desperate for approval.

And they wouldn’t say it if they weren’t fucking afraid. So fearsome is this kind of thing, in fact, that even people who say they support things like gay rights, or getting an education, or having an honest conversation with people they say they love, these people too may resist it.

If you think about your high school or workplace or drinking buddies, then sit them along side this report from Towleroad about how the students of Gunn High resisted the fear and hate mongering of the WBC on their own campus, how do you think your “communities” measure up? Are they strong enough to resist when the kooks come knocking? Do you even know what kind of strength it takes?

There is nothing more frightening than a person who knows who they are and loves every part. Get moving!

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  1. Hey, that’s the gertaets! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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