Gorilla Glasses keep things on the down low

What’s that? No, I’m not looking at you. Nope, I’m very interested in something that is above and slightly to the left of me…

In the wake of a recent gorilla attack, The Rotterdam Zoo developed some crafty specs made of cardboard so that zoo visitors can cruise all the gorillas they want without tipping the creatures off to their interest. Gorillas become very agitated if you’re too forward, you see.  But I’m thinking these shades have lots of potential for other sorts of monkey business as well… Read more

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One Response to “Gorilla Glasses keep things on the down low”

  1. Rizmin Says:

    While these glasses *are* delightful, it depresses me the lengths people will go to protect humans while they’re torturing animals. Perhaps the gorillas wouldn’t get so agitated if they didn’t live in a fucking cage. I confess I don’t know much about gorillas, but dolphins literally go insane when they’re in captivity because they navigate and stuff based on noise and close walls + screaming crowds is torture for them. The dolphin who played Flipper committed suicide shortly after the film was finished. Animals, like people, are made to be free.


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