100 Divas

So if you’ve been to South Plains Leather Fest in the last few years, you’ve probably crossed paths with the sassy and sexy Lolita Wolf, who presents on a whoooole lot of different topics (too many to name here, but check her site for descriptions).   I’ve met her a few times- once in Portland, and a couple of times in Dallas. She probably remembers me best as the crotch that supported Lamalani’s boot, but other than that,  I’m juuuust not on her radar. Yet.

Lolita blogs at www.LeatherYenta.com, and she has a list on her blog called “100 Divas.” Her goal is to name and spank 100 Divas (of any gender, orientation, or identity).  Although it’s been a secret wish for a while, I am hereby openly announcing to the universe MY goal to make it on her list and be spanked!

If you know me, you know I hate receiving spankings (although I’m happy to give them!), but I would totally take one from lovely Lolita. I’ve got the Diva part covered already, I just gotta get her to notice me. So, universe, MAKE IT SO!!

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