Deep in the heart

No need to travel to Uganda for criminalization of homosexuality. No Sir, here in Texas we have our own homegrown homohaters.

That’s right, the good ol’ Texan GOP released their most recent policy platform. Guess what? It’s anti-gay. Big suprise, I know. But year after year somehow I just have to gawk at how unflinchingly stubborn-to-the-point-of-delusion this document is. A couple highlights:

– Gay marriage? No, let’s not streamline our message to hold ground against the inevitable sea change supported by increasing majorities of Americans. Let’s not even try to push some insulting less-than-marriage compromise. Let’s just go ahead and make issuing marriage licenses to queers or performing such a ceremony a felony. Our prisons just aren’t gay enough.

– Sexually oriented businesses? Banned. Morning After Pill? Gone. Pornography? Oh you better believe that’s banned. Hand over that internet mister!

– What ever happened to that sodomy ban we use to have? We miss it.

– Anyone who wants a marriage license should have to take a blood test. You know, to make sure they don’t have AIDS.

– “We oppose any sex education other than abstinence until heterosexual marriage.” Yep, we’re still using that one.

– No more sex scandals! Especially gay ones… seriously guys.

– More oil drilling! Because more drilling never hurts.

– Don’t forget about the Arizona-style immigration law. Gotta keep up with the cutting edge in bigoted policies.

– Oh, and let’s raise the age of consent to 18. But we’re totally down for more corporal punishment in schools!

Sound like a world you want to live in?

But hey, at least they want to ban those fucking red light cameras.

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