Dex: The drug that prevents dykes?

If you follow Dan Savage like I do, you may have noticed this one: Dr. Maria New, of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is treating pregnant women with an experimental drug called Dexamethasone, aka “Dex” (I know, Dexter fans, but focus)

Dex is most often used to prenatally prevent girls with CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia) from developing ambiguous genitalia. But Dr. New is examining how it might prevent the development of girls who are homosexual, bisexual, or who display “abnormal” masculine characteristics. Read more

Aside from the obvious disturbing potential of this treatment, there are health concerns. Dex is still experimental and the side effects are largely unknown. Dr. Alice Dreger points out that “The studies we do have on the early prenatal use of “dex” are worrisome. The number of women and children missing from the follow-up studies of this drug use is more worrisome still.” Read more

One can only wonder what a mother’s rationale would be, in deciding to enter this treatment…

It’s just that I’d rather risk your health and mine, honey, than have you turn out the least bit butch

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One Response to “Dex: The drug that prevents dykes?”

  1. They’ve been doing stuff like that for decades. The doctor tried to convince my mom to go on some type of hormones because my fetus had “ambiguous” genitalia and he was afraid I’d come out intersexed. And they wanted to keep me male. *chuckles*

    Funny how these things work out.

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