About SiP

This blog is dedicated to news, media, and social commentary on sex and sex-positive culture.

Our Contributors:


girlonpiano is a goddess child born of an illicit affair between Athena and Aphrodite.  Part diva, part academic masochist, her favorite hobbies are hula-hooping, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, scalping fundamentalists, and spanking insolent pin-up girls. She spends her days roaming libraries and her nights working street corners, and is close to perfecting the art of stripping while playing the piano.

Chase is a figment of your imagination. At any given moment Chase is everywhere and nowhere, but can usually be found wrangling filth in the vast plains of the internet. Any spare time is spent herding and hogtying stray cowgirls, stockpiling arms for the zombie apocalypse, and becoming endlessly distracted by reflective surfaces.

finickymuse is part mild-mannered lion tamer, part artist’s muse, and part vicious librarian. These occupations, of course are only the alter-egos to her true identity as Anti-Abstinence Only superhero. On her days off she can usually be found making crocheted tampons , wrangling small animals, or shocking the neighbors.



PaigeTSinDFW is the nom-de-prostituée of the educator and sex worker responsible for such tragedies as the KFC Double Down sandwich and Miley Cyrus’ popularity. When not plotting the collapse of the republic under the weight of its own debauchery, she tries to lose weight, publish novels, and to sneak into burlesque reviews as a dancer. She maintains a gorgeous, late Jacobethan tower where Googlemaps claims that “here be dragonnes”, and trains her flying monkeys to steal pretty girls’ shoes while flinging poo at them.

4 Responses to “About SiP”

  1. Love the site. Keep it up!

  2. I might wanna be you when I grow up…

  3. Daniel de Culla Says:

    I adore Yr Site and I am crackbrained with Yrs in flesh and blood, and I am Happy. I like the Sex who flies up to Life…

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