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Finally, one PETA Ad I can get behind

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There’s just something about a collared naked girl delivering a message of pet castration that makes this one seem congruent to me. But I know this is just a fluke. 

See the Video! over at Huffpo

Yet another naked anti-fur protest

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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For the record, I love pouring buckets of blood on shivering naked girls as much as anyone else does. But these naked anti-fur protests are getting played out. Yes, it gets you some press, but it’s been done for years and so far the gain for animal welfare has been slim to nil. Read more

Can’t we all just go back to getting naked for fun and/or money?


Attention Cannibal Fetishists

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In-Vitro Meat is on it’s way. That’s right, they’re growing meat in labs now- expect test tube hot dogs to hit stores near you by atleast 2012. But don’t worry, because the world as we know it will have ended by then anyway.

Not only is this good news for animals suffering in factory farms and bad news for swine flu, but it’s the best news ever for anyone who has ever fantasized about eating their lover’s (or a complete stranger’s…) meat, literally. This technology isn’t limited to cow and chicken parts- it could mean the avaliability of everything from elephant steaks to human bratwurst.

Personally I think I’ll stick with Hufu

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