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Rugby rookie initiation goes horribly wrong

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The most homoerotic sport on earth just got gayer…

(From Carnal Nation) “gair rhydd, Cardiff University’s student newspaper, reports today that members of the college’s engineering department apparently caught food poisoning recently after eating gherkins (read: pickles) that had previously been inserted into players’ anuses.  It was part of a hazing ritual for the department’s rugby team.”

” …the endurance tests were designed to test ‘Strength of Stamina, ‘ ‘Strength of Character,’ and ‘Strength of Stomach’ …activities caught on camera included flashing and anal egg insertions.  There was also something with toilet paper, where one end was placed between a player’s butt cheeks and the other end was set on fire.” Read more

That last paragraph really takes me back to my college days… good times, good times