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Naked Coffee Morning Update

Posted in Legal, News with tags , , , , , on December 19, 2009 by Chase

Bad news for people who like to spend their mornings at home making coffee while naked, especially if you live in Virginia.

Eric Williamson has now been convicted of indecent exposure, all because he was seen naked through a window by a woman who passed by his house.

He was not fined and faces no immediate jail time. But come on, if this is what passes for indecent exposure, we’re all criminals. Read more

HT: Jonathan Turley

No more naked coffee mornings :(

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And not just because it could lead to some nasty burns…

A man in Virginia is facing charges of indecent exposure for being nude while making coffee in his kitchen. He was seen by a woman and her young son as they walked past his house. Full story

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