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Death Penalty still on for Uganda

Posted in Legal, LGBT Rights, News, Religion, You Fucked Up! with tags , , , , , , , on December 14, 2009 by Chase

Looks like Rachel can keep calling it the “Kill the Gays” bill…

(From the Guardian) “(David Bahati, the bill’s main sponsor) denied reports that international pressure might result in parts of the bill being toned down.” Read more

“For Ugandans such as Pastor Martin Ssempa, who organises anti-gay rallies, the bill brings legitimate moral force to bear on the “corrupting influence” from western societies.” Which is ironic, considering the heavy American influence behind anti-gay events in Uganda and the drafting of this bill. It’s also curious that the “international pressure” they’re now choosing to ignore is coming from the same place.

HT: Towleroad