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Now that’s what I call a stiffy

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The bar for zombie fetishism has been raised, my friends. Behold:

I can’t wait for someone to show up at a zombie walk with one of these, though you have to be a pretty hardcore zombie lover to drop two hundred bucks on a hand painted maggot infested masterpiece. From the twisted minds at Necronomicox, who also offer other horror movie inspired boners like this one

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Mother Earth wants your old dildos

Posted in Crazy/Funny, Stuff to do with tags , , , , , on December 11, 2009 by Chase

It’s that time of year where we’re supposed to be all generous and shit.

So if you’ve accumulated tons of sex toys that you never use anymore, or if you’re the kind of person that would get a kick out of knowing that the inside of your new dildo was assembled from tiny pieces of other people’s used dildos… this website is for you.

Porn games! I wish they made this for XBOX 360…

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“Hustler 3d is a stunning interactive world where consumers can play out their wildest hardcore fantasies. HUSTLER3D.COM is a stunning interactive world where users can enjoy incredibly realistic erotic experiences. Members can construct their perfect sexual partner by selecting a model or their favorite pornstar and modifying over 100 physical features. They can then explore unlimited sexual fantasies incorporating a wide selection of environments, novelties and sexual positions. HUSTLER3D.COM also gives users the ability to create their own HD picture galleries of their sexual adventures!”

Check out the What’s New page for these treats…

Cooks Need Special Tools – Whip her to a creamy oozy textured frenzy by masturbating her with kitchen tools. Then whisk her away to see if she can handle some anal kitchen tool action. Whatever you do make sure you wash the damn thing off before you whip up your next meal!

New Ball Free Gag Ring: Tired of that gag ball blocking a perfectly good hole to drop a load into? Well now you can have the perfect setup for target practice and endlessly squirt cum to your little heart’s desire! Can you say ahhh, and excuse me if I’m not mistaken isn’t that cum all over your tonsils?”)

Now Furrie Friendly! Furverted furdom fans can now play with anthropomorphic furry personas to create erotic fandom art

Tongue control – Mouth & Tongue Animation Sliders: Now you can have your models lick and flick a dick with the best of them!

Dildo customization – Custom Dildos While-U-Wait! Let your wicked imagination go wild with this fun new tool to customize size, shape, and style of your own range of dildos! Create sleek tools or insane scary big brutal ones to satisfy your insertion fantasies.