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it’ll make you Sqweeeeeel!

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I want want want.

“We all know that one tongue is good, but with the help of the Sqweel, you’ll soon learn that ten tongues are even better. Each soft, velvety, sensuous pink tongue on the rotating wheel simulates oral sex perfectly by flicking gently across your clit. Luckily, the Sqweel won’t give you any excuses — no tired jaw, no early meeting the next morning — so it’ll keep going as long as you need”

buy me one (and one for you, too) at Babeland

C’mon, Adam, Just a Nibble…

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Way back in the day, it was a ripe, juicy quince that tempted us to sin. Now, it’s the digital products produced under Apple brand.

But Steve Jobs is having none of it. He touts his latest product, the iPad, as a device that guarantees “freedom from porn”, a promise he means to extend to all Apple’s products. So much for ripe and juicy.

Enter “Freedom From Porn”, a campaign intended to support people’s legitimate consumption of porn, and indeed any legal form of media out there on any device capable of delivering it.

Their plan? As the fine print in the image above suggests, they believe that flooding Steve’s email with links and vids of your favorite porn will convince him to perhaps sit down… take a load off… or rub one out anyway, and hopefully rethink his position.

You make hardware, Steve. Let us decide the software. Or softcore. Or wet/hard/kink ware. If that isn’t an actual computing term it needs to be.

Spill your guts

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“Woodhull Freedom Foundation wants your personal essays about how you experience (or don’t experience) sexual freedom in America. Essays should be approximately 500-1000 words, and should be engaging and well-written. Selected essays will be published on our website or our blogsites, and you will always receive credit for your work. Please include the name you’d like it published under and a brief (one to two sentence) bio.”


Submissions should be sent to kbartlett @ woodhullfoundation . org.

Make Your Own Lube!

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Just in time for Vday…

Speaking of Vday, you might want to check out what the Gloryhole is up to… safe to say there will be lots of stickyness and sparkles involved

HT: Huffpo

DIY Edible panties

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Always wanted a pair of edible panties?  Been too embarrassed to buy them, or had no time for an extra shopping trip?  Found the prices in those fancy boutiques were just too high?  The clever knitter can make her own pair in a jiffy for very low dough!  The supplies can be picked up on a regular Friday errand route — chopsticks with the Chinese takeout, candy at the video store — and no one will be the wiser!  Enjoy your meal, then cast on at the beginning of the movie, and the panties will be ready for dessert after the credits! Read more….

Be careful what you wish for….

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Kinda gives new meaning to the term “sex toy”! You may want to be specific if that is on your holiday wish list!

Porn games! I wish they made this for XBOX 360…

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“Hustler 3d is a stunning interactive world where consumers can play out their wildest hardcore fantasies. HUSTLER3D.COM is a stunning interactive world where users can enjoy incredibly realistic erotic experiences. Members can construct their perfect sexual partner by selecting a model or their favorite pornstar and modifying over 100 physical features. They can then explore unlimited sexual fantasies incorporating a wide selection of environments, novelties and sexual positions. HUSTLER3D.COM also gives users the ability to create their own HD picture galleries of their sexual adventures!”

Check out the What’s New page for these treats…

Cooks Need Special Tools – Whip her to a creamy oozy textured frenzy by masturbating her with kitchen tools. Then whisk her away to see if she can handle some anal kitchen tool action. Whatever you do make sure you wash the damn thing off before you whip up your next meal!

New Ball Free Gag Ring: Tired of that gag ball blocking a perfectly good hole to drop a load into? Well now you can have the perfect setup for target practice and endlessly squirt cum to your little heart’s desire! Can you say ahhh, and excuse me if I’m not mistaken isn’t that cum all over your tonsils?”)

Now Furrie Friendly! Furverted furdom fans can now play with anthropomorphic furry personas to create erotic fandom art

Tongue control – Mouth & Tongue Animation Sliders: Now you can have your models lick and flick a dick with the best of them!

Dildo customization – Custom Dildos While-U-Wait! Let your wicked imagination go wild with this fun new tool to customize size, shape, and style of your own range of dildos! Create sleek tools or insane scary big brutal ones to satisfy your insertion fantasies.

My first stripper pole!

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poledance“British superstore Tesco is selling stripper poles in the children’s toy aisle. It’s the perfect gift for your 8-year-old! The Tesco Direct site advertises the kit with the words, “Unleash the sex kitten inside…simply extend the Peekaboo pole inside the tube, slip on the sexy tunes and away you go!”  Check it out!

Do it yourself – Crocheted Tampons!

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It ain’t easy bein’ green and bloody at the same time.  Here’s a crochet pattern for eco-friendly, washable tampons. Get to it!

Vagina Pie!

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Yumm.  Makes me hungry for… pie?

No, that’s not it.  Something else. . .

Recipe here.  Bonus points for the first person to make me one!