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It’s not rape, it’s just a horny kid forcing sex on another kid.

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A 14 year old boy is accused of raping a twelve year old girl on school grounds, during school hours.

Here’s what site supervisor Mustapha Cannon has to say about it: “They’re calling it a rape when it wasn’t really a rape. When this is all over with I want to see if I can get a public apology for my principal, which is my friend, and my vice-principal, which is my friend who aren’t at work right now.  Some kids are not as popular as other kids.  You have a girl that’s not as popular as some of the girls.  You have a guy who is not as popular with some of the guys and the girls.  It was hormones gone wild.  There’s been plenty of incidents that happened that haven’t been reported as possible rapes or attempted rapes.  I think this is something that’s been worded the wrong way.” Read more

Here’s the video with his interview:Mustapha Cannon Rape Interview #2