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A Whole New World

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No no, not as in that cloying, dissonant, Disney ode with vaguely suggestive lyrics from Aladdin, but rather an actual, outer space, celestial body. With aliens. Blue aliens, of course, that being de rigueur at the moment.

You WISH this post was about hot cat fuckin'

No hot space cat sex though, sorry.

Rather, this from the ever excellent (and best LGBT blog of 2008) Towleroad, a “site with homosexual tendencies”

I will admit, to the annoyance of many of my friends, that I am not a true gay marriage supporter. I’m one of those who’s suspicious of any special, legal rights/privileges/responsibilities attendant on who one chooses to fuck. I figure we should let the whole kit and caboodle be left to anyone’s cult of preference and put government back to work buying failed missile defense systems.

But the video raises a good point in a very creative way. So long as we stay in the business of giving straight people all these benefits because they badger a spouse into the grave before they fell prey themselves, then nelly nags and golddiggin’ dykes should have an equal space at the trough.

Cynicism aside, I’m all in favor of Social Security and hey, we earned that stuff anyway. It’s our money. We were told we’d get it back. Doesn’t Big Bro ever get tired of picking on folks?

Polyamory is wrong

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Snagged this from my friend Patrasha’s twitter… I want one!

Protect the Children (from disingenuous homophobes)

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Another well reasoned argument from Rob Tisinai, who blogs at

Check out our previous post featuring another one of his videos, or one of my personal faves:

Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

If you watch “Protect the Children” far enough you’ll notice Rob quotes Peter LaBarbera, President of the anti-gay group Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality. But we know him better by his nickname, “Porno Pete”, which was bestowed upon him due to his favorite hobby: going to Leather events like IML or the Folsom Street Fair, in order to scowl and point and take lots and lots of pictures of every ass crack he sees. Check ’em out, you might see someone you recognize! (I did)

You see, it’s Pete’s personal mission to provide the internet with continual coverage of just how nasty and filthy those damn queers are. As if the internet had no idea…

Better late than never?

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The news Wednesday that Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain, is endorsing NoH8, the California-based equal marriage organization that was active in its opposition to the California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition 8, was welcomed by many in the equal marriage movement. Read more….

DC Council votes for Marriage Equality

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In a vote of 11-2, the DC City Council passed a bill to legalize gay marriage in our nation’s capital. The bill still has to survive a 30 day congressional review period before Mayor Adrian Fenty can make good on his promise to sign it into law. Same sex couples could be marrying in DC as early as March. Woot! Read more

Before the bill passed, the Catholic Archdiocese threatened to cut it’s services, including homeless shelters, in protest. Help the homeless and the Human Rights Campaign by telling them off (in the most civil way possible, of course).

Gay-rights Roundup

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(Image from here)

Let’s start off with the bad stuff…

In a vote of 38-24, the New York State Senate rejected a bill that would have allowed gays to marry. It sounds like the Senators who voted down the bill were thinking along these lines: “Well, the economy is bad… so gay’s can’t marry!” Right… so this effectively shuts down gay marriage chances in New York until 2011. Read more

Moving on to New Jersey- a gay marriage bill similar to the one in New York will be up for a vote this Thursday. Proponents of the bill are eager to pass it now while their outgoing Governer, who supports the bill, is in office. His replacement has promised to veto it. Keep your fingers crossed. Read more

In other good news, the Washington D.C. Council voted decisively in favor of gay marriage becoming legal in our nation’s capitol. A second vote, coming up in less than two weeks, will decide if the measure will become law. Read more

And finally… “Two of Congress’s three openly gay members said Saturday that the U.S. House is poised to pass bills to provide health coverage for the same-sex partners of gay federal workers and to protect all gay and transgender employees from job discrimination.” Read more

And that’s the legal clusterfuck for this week… what I wouldn’t give for everyone to just get off already

“Big Scary Homos coming over the hilltops”

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For more from Dan Savage you can check out his Savage Love advice column or youtube channel

Click here to read more about the story he referenced about the case in Florida