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Oooooh Bama

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For only $34.95 you too can feel the Presidential power! Gives new meaning to the phrase ” In bed with the President”!

“Aggravated Homosexuality”

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Uganda’s parliment is currently considering a bill that would make homosexual relations punishable by a minimum of life imprisonment. Such acts are already illegal in Uganda, but this bill expands upon that homophobic foundation with vigor. A few tidbits:

“Anyone in a position of authority who is aware of a gay or lesbian individual has 24 hours to inform police or face jail time.”

“Those who engage in ‘aggravated homosexuality’ — defined as repeated homosexual relations or sexual contact with others who are HIV/AIDS infected — will face the death penalty.” Full Story

And hey, remember Rick Warren? That evangelical pastor Obama picked to speak at the inaguration in the name of bipartisanship and togetherness? Who falsely claimed that he never endorsed Prop 8? Who loves to talk about all his gay friends?… yeah, that guy.

Rick Warren is also a major player in distributing AIDS funding to Uganda. When asked about the bill that would impose a death sentence on many of the people his work is supposed to help, Rick Warren just can’t bring himself to “comment or interfere”… I wonder what all his gay friends would say about that. Read more

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Obama likes ’em young…(and Sarkozy approves)

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Rush Limbaugh is fucking stupid

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He says that the reason Governor Mark Sanford had an affair with that lady in Argentina is because of  Obama.  What a dumbass.  I hope he chokes on his fat, nasty, phallic cigar.

Stephen Colbert’s Tribute to Stonewall (and gentle Fuck You to Obama)

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Stephen Colbert does an outstanding job calling Obama to the mat for his own definition of Stonewall… this is DEFINITELY the Word.