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Radio host, ‘Christian’ activist Linda Harvey says Westerners should stay out of Uganda

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Christian talk show host Linda Harvey says that the US should stay out of Uganda and its laws criminalizing homosexuality. Harvey says the laws are intended to keep “Western homosexuals” from exploiting Uganda children by supporting sex trafficking. Oh, and she says the Westboro Baptist Church is funded by “the gays.”  Please give me some time to wrap my brain around that idea…….For the full story click here

Get Sarkozy With Me

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It begins!!!

Get some, sister!

Ok, this is potentially very premature. However, I still have cause to be excited. When Nicolas Sarkozy rode into power, one of the things he ground a personal ax against was sex work. The guy even made it a jail worthy offense to commit “passive solicitation”. What does that mean? That women could serve time without having even approached a John, based purely on “looking like a whore”. In France. Let me repeat that… France. Looking like a whore, in France.


But now, I’m just about ready to whistle La Marseillaise as a French MP, Chantal Brunel, has called for the return of legalized brothels to the land of liberte, fraternite, and good old egalite. Not surprisingly perhaps, the men support it by a wide margin, but women at least are only about 13 percent against. And, see, Chantal GETS it, man. She knows repressive policies have only made sex worked more at risk of victimization by pimps and johns and made the market almost entirely the province of sex slave, human traffickers.

Make no mistake here, ya’ll, that problem is real. What we need to get people to understand and, it seems, may actually be getting some traction now is the idea that those who CHOOSE sex work can be allies in the fight, not enemies. I mean, fuck, if you don’t believe our altruistic love for all our sisters, then at LEAST think about how it’s in our selfish interest not to have to fight for market share with those who are forced to give it up for pennies on the dollar. I can accept that it’ll take a long time for people to believe, you know, that we’re human beings and that we also care about reducing suffering and privation around the world.

But this is a damn fine start!

What many may not know is that this proposal would only be restoring something to France that it had for a significant period of time already. And, like then, there will need to be a fierce watch kept to ensure the brothels do not become abusive or attract dangerous criminal behavior. I’m not saying, hey, let’s just open it all up without any respect for what the rest of society thinks. I don’t want to open up a fleshpit across from a school or see this whole thing turn into just another way for sex workers to get taken advantage of by pimps who’ll be able to make a too liberal law work in their favor against our rights.

This is just an example of what I’ve long been trying to say. A REAL common sense approach to politics isn’t governed by stigma or fear, but rather by hope, a mutual desire for the common good, and respect of diverse interests in the pursuit of a million different visions of freedom.

Silver Linings (and updates!)

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I found it! I found it! I found the elusive chimera, that rare creature thought to be mythological by so many for so long!

I found good news! Bless your heart, Andy Towle!

Take THAT, Pope Benedict Arnold

Some years ago I converted to Catholicism. I may have mentioned I’m a serious masochist before. But I’ll admit it; there are parts of the faith I suck at. Believing in hell for example. Never could pull that off. I’m more in line with what Company of Thieves says about such things. “We are all our own devil… and we make this world a hell.”

But one of the reasons I hopped on board and started participating as a lector in my church is the wonderful, loving, wise priest who listened to me and understood my need to confess. As a long time Vincentian monk, he was part of the really old school movement for social justice in the church, now being denied and shit on by the likes of Glenn Beck. When I say old school, I mean several centuries old, though he was also a huge proponent of Romero’s liberation theology.

True, I was politely asked to leave by the new priest after that wise man passed on. He was fine with me coming back to the church after transition, but not during. Couldn’t afford to alienate people. Make them uncomfortable. Services no longer required. I didn’t give up the faith though. Just the church.

And this is the church we’re probably used to hearing about nowadays. The church that kicks people out, decides who’s Christian and who isn’t, often while protecting pedophile priests. These things are both entirely real and, as my students might say, “some ol’ bulllllllshit”.

But by heaven, it is NOT all of us. When the Denver archdiocese removed a young girl from their school, not for being gay mind you, but for her PARENTS being a lesbian couple, Christians stood up. And they’re still standing up. They’re telling their own leadership that this is not Christlike. That this is not acceptable.

And I’ll be damned (likely for many reasons) if there isn’t more evidence of good people in community reaching out to do good things. As an update to previous posts on Mississippi and Utah respectively, we get examples of honesty and love being rewarded and hypocrisy being exposed.

Constance McMillen and ALL her peers will get their prom, due to a couple big donors, even as the facebook page created to support her and her girlfriend has garnered 250,000 followers.

And those fine upstanding gents in Utah who spend their days thinking up new and creative ways of strangling civil liberties? The pharisees out west are “shocked” and “stunned” by one of their own confessing to a skinny-dipping excursion some years ago with a minor.

I need to add a couple things here for balance. I know as a blogger I don’t really have a responsibility to be fair in the way journalists might. It’s just my own ethics that beg for at least lip service.

Truth is, if we believe people can change, that they can learn from mistakes, then I think any ethical adult would have to admit that there’s going to be more to this Utah story than the scandal. We need to listen to the grown woman’s story and his. We need to extend what we’re so often not given ourselves: the chance for forgiveness and healing. It seems like the world could use a lot more of that in general.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to extend them legislative authority while a legitimate question about their ethics remains unanswered. I have no illusions of being voted in as Texas governor as a sex worker. Maybe Illinois governor, but not the Lone Star.

For now though, I’m just gonna bask in the fact that there’s still a great big chunk of hope out there, growing in the hearts of loving people, that we can all take a bite of. I’ve even given the flying monkeys the day off.

“U” is for Utah, Uterus, and Un-fucking-believable

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It’s starting to look like we need to hold a contest for most repressive and ignorant state in the union. Sure, I know Texas wouldn’t fare too well (or maybe perform fabulously depending on how you rate this), with some of the things we get up to in an average week. Just read about our new history and social studies standards.

But in any competition for biggest, self righteous cocksucker, and I say that with all due respect to my fellow cocksuckers, Utah is a shoe-in for at least one award.

Don't be fooled. The map says it's part of the United States of America, but this maladjusted tetris block of territory is barren of just about anything worthy of the union. Ok, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is hot stuff, but if it's a choice between them and being able to make decisions about one's own body, anyone who goes with the first is welcome to this little slice of American Taliban.

State legislators have now approved a law that makes it criminal to have a miscarriage. It sounds ridiculous; a law that penalizes women for what must already be one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives?

And it is ridiculous. Further, it’s a sensationalist mischaracterization of the law. Wait, wait, don’t kick me out of the feminist club; this is a complicated one and it needs some explaining.

The law specifically targets women who have a miscarriage by an “intentional or knowing act”. Originally it had the word “reckless” in there too, but the language was removed to get the governor’s John Hancock on it. So what on earth does that mean? Abortion is effectively banned in Utah?

Not quite. See there’s this case, shocking to many people of Utah, wherein a young woman paid someone $150 to beat her up and provoke a miscarriage. Apparently, her boyfriend was none too happy about the unwanted pregnancy and she was desperate. So state representative Carl Wimmer was inspired to craft this bill. Under it, decisions like the one this girl made would be punishable by a MINIMUM of 15 years in prison because she would now be charged with murder.

Wimmer makes no bones at all about his aims. He says his work is explicitly aimed at tearing down Roe vs. Wade. He gives many of the standard, weaselly answers when pressed on the matter. He says his beef is a states’ rights matter, that once he succeeds in bringing down Roe vs. Wade that women can just go somewhere else if they want, he sees no conflict between supporting the death penalty and opposing abortion, and he has no interest or plan for providing prenatal care and education or postpartum resources for young mothers. There are plenty of volunteer groups to help, he says, it’s not government’s job. It is government’s job though to make the decision for her, of course.

He’s a member of a national legislator’s association which exchanges plans for bills and describes his work as a model for other states to follow. Don’t pretend it’ll end here.

I thought about offering a series of hypothetical arguments that would expose the fallacies and hypocrisies of this. But a few things stop me. One, let’s be realistic; I’m preaching to the choir here. Two, if I have to explain why this is deranged to anyone because they genuinely don’t get it, it’ll break my heart. Three, I’m just plain tired. So damn tired of all this.

I’m going to go look for some good news now. I don’t know about you, but I need a heap of it if I’m going to keep hope alive and find the will to fight.

Where’s Carrie When You Need Her?

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Contrary to assumptions people may make based on my head being as pointy as my hat and my being prone to fits of manic giggling at the sight of girls in pigtails or gingham, I in fact LOVE school dances. Always did. Granted, I thought the theatre kids always threw a better bash (and it was a little exclusive, so it felt kinda family, closest I ever got to family anywho), but any school dance was a big deal to me.

Senior prom itself may not have been all it was cracked up to be. Because dad and I were used to buying bread and deli items at quarter price many nights, just before Albertson’s threw them out, I recognized how our high school had used the same method to cater the event. Dryest… chicken tenders… ever. But hey, we could gamble for raffle tickets, I looked fly, and it was held at South Fork Ranch, of Dallas fame, which was conveniently only 10 minutes away from where I lived at the time. I see no reason whatsoever why anyone should be denied their right to crap food, wardrobe malfunctions, and the delicate sound of teenage cynicism cracking gently from the warm hope of maybe getting laid.

Itawamba County, Mississippi, disagrees with me on that point.

Constance on the right, with her aunt, checking a new text message. Odds are in favor of this being something along the lines of "u lez beech, go 2 hell". That or they just noticed, like me, this photo is auto-named "Lesbian Prom Date" by its host... Sensationalism much?

I have confidence there’s much that Itawamba County, Mississippi, and I disagree with. Civil liberties. Fashion. Hygiene. We might be able to agree on some aspects of cookin’, but I pee blood anytime some other state tries to claim they can out-BBQ us down here in the Lone Star. In fact, my confidence in the breadth and scope of the disagreements between me and Itawamba is so perfect, I think I’d rather offer rimjobs to patrons of Taco Bell as part of a fundraiser so I can buy whichever senator will put a nuclear waste site under their town square soonest (deep breath) than spend even one moment in whatever passes for a town down there.

Disagreement one: All students deserve the feast of broken dreams that is prom. Lesbians too.

Disagreement two: There’s no good reason a girl can’t wear a tux to her prom, unless she’s very well endowed and the suit was armed by Q from the Bond movies. (if she gets even a bit excited, there’s a good chance of friendly fire)

Disagreement three: If you are going to be an ass hat and discriminate, at least have the sense I gave my flying monkeys NOT to cancel EVERYONE’S prom. That’s not evil. That’s idiocy. Sure, they may form a lynch mob and end those “uppity queers”, but it’s just as, if not more likely, they’ll take it out on the school they already hate going to. There’s enough hate to go ’round here. Besides, it’s a prom, just THINK of how many unplanned pregnancies you’re PREVENTING by canceling! In anti-choice logic, since prophylactics are really just abortifacients in disguise, you’re KILLING BABIES.

Disagreement four: I pretty much thought the U.S. as a whole agreed some many decades back, for both our sakes, to ignore you, Mississippi. Do you really want to draw attention to yourself? To your obesity rates? To your unemployment rate? Your literacy rate? You’re the only state worse than us Texans on that last one!!! I’m gonna be the bigger woman here and, as long as you fix it, I’ll just pretend this didn’t happen, look the other way, and let you go back to praying for your jealous, desert vengeance god to smite anyone who truly believes in loving their neighbor (or at least can spell the damn word). Just, please, do it quietly; We’re all better off if we act like we don’t know each other for a while.

California School District Bans Dictionaries

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I mean seriously, people, if you’re gonna ban everything that has any sort of relationship with sex, you’re gonna have to ban the children too. You know they came from sexual activity, right? Or did you not learn that in school?

Maybe the “Naked Chicks Reading Banned Books” will read to us from the dictionary next time. Yummmm, that sounds HOT!

Read the article

Did you fill out the Sexual Freedom Survey?

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If not, YOU BETTER, or SiP will hunt you down and take away your sexy license.

Take the survey now!!!!

Let’s start the New Year off in a proactive way, by adding your voice to the Sexual Freedom Report!

This questionnaire will be the foundation for the first report on the State of Sexual Freedom in America today.  If you already responded to the questionnaire, and many of you have, thank you!  If not, we would really value your opinions!

As I shared with you in the first email, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation plans to publish regular reports on the sexual freedom movement, designed to help identify the social changes taking place, or that must take place for progress to be made, on the diverse issues on which we work. We are particularly interested in recognizing opportunities for already-established sexual freedom issue groups to work together.

We would like to know what you think are the most pressing sexual freedom issues this country is facing and so we are asking for a bit of your time and a lot of your knowledge and expertise.

We will treat your responses as confidential, unless you specifically give us permission to share your comments.  To protect the confidentiality of our participants, we will download the responses each day and they will be taken completely offline.  With that assurance, we are also asking that you provide your contact information on the survey.

I do hope that you’ll take some time right now to respond to the questionnaire.  What you think really does matter to us and to this project.

Please click here or at the link below to begin the survey.

Thanks for your time and your participation!

RJL signature

Ricci Levy, Executive Director

PS:  Please make sure to give us an email address in the questionnaire so that we can email you a copy of the completed report immediately prior to its public release.

Kid won’t pledge to an unfair country…

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Top twenty signs from the National Equality March, 10-10-09

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homeless gay teensClick for more pictures

Supreme Court to hear S&M case

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“The justices Tuesday agreed to accept the government’s appeal of a case involving Glenn Marcus, who had been sentenced to nine years in prison for the sexual abuse, physical mutilation and psychological humiliation of a woman who had agreed to be photographed as his “sex slave.”  Read More from