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Attn: Pudgy Naked Backyard Dancer

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Your exploits have been one-upped. Meet Naked Mohawk Billboard Dancer:

Pic via Dallas Observer

I know, you want to see him up close. Unfortunately long distance gawking comes with the territory of naked billboard dancing. But he danced and waved all the way down the ladder before he was arrested. Read more and see the video on the Dallas Observer Blog

Where should the next naked dancer strike? I’ve always wanted to see someone frolic with the bronze longhorns over at Pioneer Plaza…

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Dallas police seek pudgy naked backyard dancer

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That’s not really the guy, I just thought it was a funny picture.  Makes the story so much more vivid!

Dallas police are looking for a man who they said repeatedly sneaks into backyards, dances around naked and then runs away. Police believe the man has been exposing himself in the same neighborhood since 2005. The most recent incident was on Sept. 30.

Police said he usually climbs a fence or goes through a gate and either dances naked or jumps in a swimming pool naked. Police said he also has danced naked on top of a backyard air conditioning unit.

Police said they’re looking for a pudgy man who is about 6 feet tall and covers his face while dancing.

Dallas Police Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said police want to catch him before it escalates into something worse.

Information from: The Dallas Morning News,