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The fate of Abstinence-only

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abstinence only

In a 12-11 vote, the Senate Finance Committee passed Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch’s measure to restore $50 million a year in funding  for abstinence-only education programs. Full Story

Also passed was a measure by the Committee chairman, Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana. Baucus’s measure, which passed 14-9, makes funding available for more comprehensive sex education.

Since both measures passed, it will be up to the House and Senate to decide.

England’s National Health Services advises students to have orgasms

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“An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!” Pro-sex ed, pissing people off.  Interesting that the photo attached to this article is a pregnant chick.  How come it’s not a photo of a schoolgirl mid-orgasm?? Come on!!

Republican Congressman Wants to Charge Americans for Bareback Sex

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Here’s an excerpt of the article from Carnal Nation

Buyer proposed his idea during hearings on the health care bill in the Energy and Commerce Committee last Thursday. “Someone who smokes, drinks, participates in bad conduct and behavior, unprotected sex, maybe bad things happen to them, maybe they should pay higher premiums,” Buyer said. “That is a radical thought, isn’t it?”

Religious Teens Have More Abortions

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“New research suggests that while religiosity (defined as religious involvement, frequency of prayer, and perception of the importance of religion) influences the attitudes of young women towards abortion, it does not affect their actual behavior.

In other words, even religious women, if unmarried and pregnant, resort to abortion—particularly women in their teens. This according to new research published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Hypocrisy sucks.”

via Religious Teens Have More Abortions | Mother Jones.

Pregnant robot used for training

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It’s kinda creepy watching the baby come out, but it’s more creepy how everyone’s talking to it…

The Virginity Movement

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If women who have had pre-marital sex are like lollipops unwrapped, then I am definitely a “poorly wrapped, saliva-fouled sucker.”   FOULED!

Abstinence-only programs LIE to your children

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Did you know. . .

A 2004 House of Representatives Special Investigative Committee produced a report analyzing the scientific accuracy of thirteen of the most commonly used abstinence-based curricula in the United States. Here’s a quick recap of what they found. . . Continue reading