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Catchy, isn’t it?

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Bumper stickers on sale at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)

And of course, it didn’t take long for the parodies to pop up:

Just in case you need any help recognizing the folks above (from left to right): Larry Craig (aka Senator Wide Stance), Reverend Ted Haggard (who now swears he’s completely heterosexual), and…  huh, this third guy hasn’t been caught with any male prostitutes, I wonder what he’s doing up there…

Once again, great job Rob

HT: Slog

Exactly what is “Aggravated Homosexuality”?

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It’s not just a pissed off queer. Atleast, not in Uganda:

I ❤ Rob. Read his blog.

Read more about what American Evangelicals have to do with this here

Protect the Children (from disingenuous homophobes)

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Another well reasoned argument from Rob Tisinai, who blogs at

Check out our previous post featuring another one of his videos, or one of my personal faves:

Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

If you watch “Protect the Children” far enough you’ll notice Rob quotes Peter LaBarbera, President of the anti-gay group Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality. But we know him better by his nickname, “Porno Pete”, which was bestowed upon him due to his favorite hobby: going to Leather events like IML or the Folsom Street Fair, in order to scowl and point and take lots and lots of pictures of every ass crack he sees. Check ’em out, you might see someone you recognize! (I did)

You see, it’s Pete’s personal mission to provide the internet with continual coverage of just how nasty and filthy those damn queers are. As if the internet had no idea…