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“Partake, use them, they know they’re going to be wasted and destroyed”

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Ancient Everlasting Boner to be rubbed by tourists

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Ever wonder how they came up with the name for priapism (medical term for a dick that won’t go down)? Well I have, and now I know…

Croation fisherman Ivan Barbalic Gunga and Izidor Cubranic found a 2,000 year old lamp depicting the ancient god Priapus- (from the Croation Times) “In Greek mythology, he was a minor rustic fertility god and protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia. His Roman equivalent was Mutinus Mutunus. He is best noted for his huge, permanently erect penis, which has given rise to the medical term priapism.” Full Story

Officials from the town of Baska have agreed that the lamp’s massive member should be given a prominent place of display in order to stimulate tourism.

Suck my sculpture

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Ancient Art

From Peru; Created between the first and sixth centuries AD.