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C’mon, Adam, Just a Nibble…

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Way back in the day, it was a ripe, juicy quince that tempted us to sin. Now, it’s the digital products produced under Apple brand.

But Steve Jobs is having none of it. He touts his latest product, the iPad, as a device that guarantees “freedom from porn”, a promise he means to extend to all Apple’s products. So much for ripe and juicy.

Enter “Freedom From Porn”, a campaign intended to support people’s legitimate consumption of porn, and indeed any legal form of media out there on any device capable of delivering it.

Their plan? As the fine print in the image above suggests, they believe that flooding Steve’s email with links and vids of your favorite porn will convince him to perhaps sit down… take a load off… or rub one out anyway, and hopefully rethink his position.

You make hardware, Steve. Let us decide the software. Or softcore. Or wet/hard/kink ware. If that isn’t an actual computing term it needs to be.

Your grandpa wants to fuck you in the ass

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Lemons into Lemonade

Posted in Activism, Politics and Sex, Religion, Videos with tags , , , , on March 27, 2010 by paigetsindfw

Or, if you prefer, making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Personally, I’d say this is a great example of making a decent, contributing member of society out of a total fucking douchebag.

I prefer being literal sometimes. See this miracle in action here.

Don't it just make ya wanna kiss 'em?

I fail at blogging or I’d know how to properly insert the video instead of just linking it above, so apologies for that. The point is, we can lose ourselves in semi-articulate rage provoked by hatemongers, we can try to outshout them, or we can be REAL perverts and make their message serve our own purposes!

See this brilliant young man’s efforts in the link above for inspiration ❤

PSA: Own It, Use It, or Lose it

Posted in Gender Issues, Medical, Videos with tags , , , , , , , , on March 15, 2010 by Chase

This Public Cervix Announcement features smokin’ hot FTM porn star Buck Angel:

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Will Phillips Gets It

Posted in Activism, LGBT Rights, Videos with tags , , , , , , , , on March 15, 2010 by Chase

You might remember Will from our previous coverage of his refusal to stand for or say the pledge of allegiance because there isn’t “liberty and justice for all” when it comes to LGBT rights. Instead, he’s standing up for progress, in support of

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A Whole New World

Posted in Activism, Legal, LGBT Rights, Politics and Sex, Videos with tags , , , , on February 24, 2010 by paigetsindfw

No no, not as in that cloying, dissonant, Disney ode with vaguely suggestive lyrics from Aladdin, but rather an actual, outer space, celestial body. With aliens. Blue aliens, of course, that being de rigueur at the moment.

You WISH this post was about hot cat fuckin'

No hot space cat sex though, sorry.

Rather, this from the ever excellent (and best LGBT blog of 2008) Towleroad, a “site with homosexual tendencies”

I will admit, to the annoyance of many of my friends, that I am not a true gay marriage supporter. I’m one of those who’s suspicious of any special, legal rights/privileges/responsibilities attendant on who one chooses to fuck. I figure we should let the whole kit and caboodle be left to anyone’s cult of preference and put government back to work buying failed missile defense systems.

But the video raises a good point in a very creative way. So long as we stay in the business of giving straight people all these benefits because they badger a spouse into the grave before they fell prey themselves, then nelly nags and golddiggin’ dykes should have an equal space at the trough.

Cynicism aside, I’m all in favor of Social Security and hey, we earned that stuff anyway. It’s our money. We were told we’d get it back. Doesn’t Big Bro ever get tired of picking on folks?

Check out those THIGHS!

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Whoa. I have never wished sooo hard to be a watermelon. Thanks Malcolm, you tweet the best shit around.