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I would do anything for love…

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but I won’t do that

Lovely song, Tim, though I can’t help but notice how many conditions you have for this so-called unconditional love. Just food for thought 😉

One Year

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Every year on June 28th, we remember the Stonewall Riots and the bravery of the queers who went before us. On this day last year, girlonpiano wrote this post (still a must read) commemorating the anniversary of that historic event.

Coincidentally, that also makes June 28th the start of an odd, slippery journey that has since fertilized the imagination of other filthy minds and spawned hundreds of posts, over 20,000 visits, and countless hours spent jerking off to perverted pictures and video found in the dark corners and caverns of the internet. I tried to painstakingly log each hour, but my hands were busy.

So happy birthday SiP! And huge thanks go to my fellow bloggers and especially to our readers! Such a long, strange year it’s been. I searched and found you a candle that I think definitely deserves to be blown…

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You might be a pervert if…

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Axe commercials are a guilty pleasure of mine. Not every brand can keep recycling the same theme (“our product will GET YOU LAID”) over and over with such enthusiasm. They’ve even incorporated leather (which we’ve noted previously) and farm animals (“Find me a dirty boy”). But after seeing one of their most recent ads, I think there is something the folks at Axe aren’t telling us…

That is NOT how you hold your fingers when you run them through someone’s hair, or when you sniff them. Any pervert worth their salt knows those fingers have been up (someone’s butt) to no good.

Not convinced? Check out the one where she bends him over the counter

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Way to take that cactus!

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From Way To Suck That Dick, which also appears to have given birth to my new favorite acronym, NSFA (not safe for anything).

Rugby rookie initiation goes horribly wrong

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The most homoerotic sport on earth just got gayer…

(From Carnal Nation) “gair rhydd, Cardiff University’s student newspaper, reports today that members of the college’s engineering department apparently caught food poisoning recently after eating gherkins (read: pickles) that had previously been inserted into players’ anuses.  It was part of a hazing ritual for the department’s rugby team.”

” …the endurance tests were designed to test ‘Strength of Stamina, ‘ ‘Strength of Character,’ and ‘Strength of Stomach’ …activities caught on camera included flashing and anal egg insertions.  There was also something with toilet paper, where one end was placed between a player’s butt cheeks and the other end was set on fire.” Read more

That last paragraph really takes me back to my college days… good times, good times

And now, The Wet Spots…

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More at The Wet Spots youtube channel